.68 Signs with Three Rivers Paintball

We are excited to announce that Three Rivers Paintball has invited us to produce their 2013 season opener.  Three Rivers is located in Freedom, PA just a short drive from the Ohio border.   The field is 70 acres of mixed, wooded terrain including hillsides, flat ground, creeks with bridges and a pond.  The battleground is also littered with bunkers, castles, artillery pieces, a tank hull, helicopter, boats, vehicles and tail section of an aircraft.

For those of you who attended our games at Battlefront, you’ll be pleased to know that event pricing is comparable and that camping is available on-site and is encouraged by the field owner.  Three Rivers also offers free open play the day after an event to anyone who participated in the scenario,  so we encourage you to stay through the evening, share your war stories around the campfire and get ready to mix it up again the following day.  It’s a great way to burn off any paint you may have left over from the scenario and an added value for your dollar.   The event will take place in early spring and will feature a prize raffle at the end, courtesy of Three Rivers Paintball.

To our old friends who have attended our scenarios in the past, we invite you to come out and see us again at Three Rivers this spring.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with us and who have attended scenarios at Three Rivers before, you’ll note that our events differ slightly in format from what you may be accustomed to.   .68 events typically start at 10:00 and run straight through the day, stopping only for an hour lunch break.  Most of our events have mission orders coming directly from the team’s commanding officer, not the scenario producer, so it’s always critical to check in with your CO at his or her headquarters after respawning.  Some of our events have scripted objectives, provided to the generals at regular intervals, while others give the generals complete freedom to decide what type of missions to run or territories to assault in order to achieve victory.  This event is scheduled to be the latter.

Our scenario for Three Rivers will be military-themed and event details will be posted under the “2013 Events” tab at the top of this page when they become available.

We look forward to seeing some of our old friends this spring and to making new ones at Three Rivers!

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  1. By Terry Murray, January 17, 2013 @ 6:30 pm


  2. By Dean "CUDA" Allen, January 22, 2013 @ 7:35 pm

    On behalf of Mission Masters: CONGRATS & WELCOME to .68 Caliber and the 1st Strike Team for signing on with Three Rivers Paintball for scenario game production.

    To get formalities outta the way, I’m Dean “CUDA” Allen, owner and producer of Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Games. I’ve been producing scenario games for TRP since 2003, with 3 events scheduled for the 2013 season. My vision for scenario game design is almost identical to yours – with a twist in presentation and mission delivery. That said, I (and Team Mission Masters) look forward to meeting you and your team for some paintball fun and action.

    As an advocate and fellow producer of the sport, I appreciate your position since Battlefront has closed its doors. In a word, it sucks, and I won’t dwell on it.

    On the brighter side, I have intimate knowledge of TRP’s field and may be able to offer some advice should you find yourself wondering about anything in particular. I’ve personally designed and constructed (with my team) a number of elements on the field that translate into many different themes… just gimme a holler if ya need to know a little somethin’ somethin’.

    In the meantime, best wishes in your new endeavor with TRP. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dean “CUDA” Allen
    Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Games

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